A family business,
that leaves a good taste

A&S Restaurants is Finnish Family business of Mrs. Anne and Mr Sakari Tainio. The official name of the business is A&S Fam Oy and it has been founded in 1994.

A&S Restaurants include eight restaurants in the center of Helsinki; Saaristo on the Klippan island, Saari in the Sirpalesaari island, Savotta by the Senate square, Saslik in Ullanlinna, Saaga on the Bulevardi street, Santpauli, SameSame & Saint Chihuahua in Punavuori.

A&S Restaurants offer unforgettable surroundings for parties up to 400 persons, festive dinners, lunches, meetings, private parties and theme events. We provide unique milieu, warm atmosphere, and personalized service. In our operations we value protecting and preserving the environment and to name a few actions we have removed unnecessary single use plastics, serve tap water in glass bottles/jars, recycle all bottles, and have balanced vegan meals available.

The history of A&S Restaurants can be considered to have started in 1972, when Timo T. Kaukonen established Saslik. Saslik came under the ownership of the present owners in 1994. In the summer of 2000, the summer restaurant Saari with its maritime atmosphere came along, and in April 2002 functionalist restaurant Bulevardia (est. 1938) joined the family. Unfortunately, the peak period of Bulevardia had passed and for that reason the restaurant was transformed into the Lappish restaurant Saaga at the beginning of 2004. In November 2005 the restaurant Savotta, deeply rooted in Finnish logging traditions, was established on Aleksanterinkatu, next to the Senate Square. (At the beginning of 2007, the restaurant Tervasaaren Aitta located on Tervasaari island was taken over by A&S Restaurants, and the restaurant that served as Ravintola Savu closed its doors in December 2021 after almost 15 years of existence, because the city of Helsinki sold the building). On 1st of May 2010, Restaurant Saaristo on Klippan Island came to the restaurant family. In 2017, the restaurant La Maison joined us, and in 2020, the amazing star of Asian-mix cuisine, SameSame-but different, also on Tehtaankatu street, at number 25! As the latest conquests in 2023 on Tehtaankatu street next to SameSame a small and peppery Saint Chihuahua was opened, which brings the best bits of Latin American cuisine, and on 14 March in place of La Maison a new and gallant Santpauli opened, which offers the best schnitzels in the city!

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Business ID

Finnish Business ID : 0930206-4

Restaurant Nili

When visiting Rovaniemi, welcome to Restaurant Nili!

Genuine Lappish delicacies in the heart of Rovaniemi

The unique atmosphere of Nili takes you to enjoy of pure tastes on arctic nature and feelings of Lapland.




Restaurant Nili
Valtakatu 20
96200 Rovaniemi, Finland
Tel. + 358 400 369 669

Nili was chosen as The Taste of Finland Restaurant of 2012!

Oiva Food Safety

Oiva Food Safety Information Publication System


Oiva is a food safety information publication system coordinated by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. The publication of the Oiva reports derived from municipal food inspectors’ control. The grades are determined on the basis of four-tier ‘Oiva smiley’ scale. Read more here>>