Eight unique restaurants in the heart of Helsinki - Enjoy Dining in Helsinki

A&S Restaurants (A&S Fam oy) is a Finnish private family business that has been operating in Helsinki since 1994.
A&S Restaurants include eight restaurants in the center of Helsinki; Saaristo on the Klippan island, Saari in the Sirpalesaari island, Savotta by the Senate square, Saslik in Ullanlinna, Saaga on the Bulevardi street, Santpauli, SameSame & Saint Chihuahua in Punavuori.

A family business, that leaves a good taste

We are a family business with eight restaurants. With us, you can enjoy the masterpieces of Scandinavian, Finnish and Slavic cuisine, from the pure flavors of the northern Arctic nature, the best bits of Asian Mix food culture and Latin American cuisines and of course the number one schnitzels in Helsinki.
If the selection is rich in the world of flavors, then every milieu is equally unique, from cozy island restaurants to atmospheric neighborhood restaurants.
Each of the restaurants has its own story and personality. The story is finished in the kitchen – and brought to the table with love.

Our goal is to make you smile with your face, stomach and heart.

Saint Chihuahua

Beautiful Restaurant Saari on Sirpalesaari island is open!

Come and enjoy the good tastes of Finland by the open sea! Take a look at the menu and reserve a table on the website of Ravintola Saari.